Things to Avoid After Lasik Eye Surgery

Today, with so many technologies, it has become easiest for you to improve your vision. Before, surgeries were not considered that safe. But, today you can easily go through any surgeries such as Lasik surgery in Delhi itself, without worrying. Generally speaking, the reason surgeries have become so common is that it has been more successful than it was expected. Similarly, the success rate of Lasik surgeries is also great. As a result, if you are thinking of having Lasik surgery, you should probably go for it. You will see a rapid improvement in your vision. Lasik surgery has done wonders for so many people, and you can do it too. The procedure of Lasik surgery is so quick and simple you will not even notice. However, even though the procedure of your Lasik surgery is simple. There are certain things that you just need to keep in your mind after your Lasik surgery is done.

Things to Avoid After Your Lasik surgery

To begin with, before you go through Lasik surgery you are asked to take certain measures. Such as stop wearing contact lenses, avoid makeup, avoid fragrances, and many more. But the most important thing you need to keep in mind is to always go to a good eye doctor. Usually, today you can easily discover many doctors that have reasonable Lasik surgery costs in India. So, you must always choose a good eye doctor for your sensitive eyes. Similarly, even after your surgery, you will need to take certain measures. You will need to avoid several things after your surgery. Mainly because your eyes are sensitive. Thus, the minimum pressure on your eyes will only benefit your eyes for greater improvement in vision. Here are the few things that you should avoid for a better result for your eyes.

  • You should avoid swimming:

Firstly, after your Lasik surgery, your eyes are more sensitive than usual. So, abiding swimming is the best gift you can give to your eyes. You should avoid various water bodies such as rivers and lakes. In addition to that, you should also have swimming pools, saunas, and hot tubs for at least two weeks. Even after two weeks, it is much better if you wear goggles whenever you are underwater. This will help you in avoiding itchiness, dryness, and infections in your eyes. Furthermore, it is great if you consult with your eye doctor, before going to any kind of water body. 

  • You must avoid makeup 

Secondly, after your Lasik surgery, you are directed to keep your eyes clean. Normally, after any kind of surgery, you must keep that area bacteria and germs free to avoid any kind of infection. And makeup is a great source of germs and bacteria that can surely affect your eyes. This is because you have been using your makeup for a long time. Hence, it is likely that a lot of germs might have to be all over your cosmetics. You should avoid all types of cosmetics especially eye creams, for at least one week. You can also switch your old makeup with a new one to avoid germs and bacteria completely.

  • You should avoid exposure to UV rays

Thirdly, UV rays have been a danger to everyone. It not only affects your eyes but it affects your skin too. Furthermore, after you go through Lasik surgery, it becomes much more important to keep your eyes away from exposure to UV rays. One way to avoid the UV rays is to wear high-quality sunglasses. These glasses should be 100%  UV protected. You should wear your glasses even on a cloudy day. This will help your eyes in healing and will protect you from further damage. 

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