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Life Hack: Leave a cup with a coin in freezer before leaving home and here’s why



Natural calamities are unpredictable. That’s one we should all be prepared of any disruptions. Being focus as to how to stay safe must be the number one priority once disaster hits your home.

If the power goes out while you’re gone, everything from meat to milk will be at risk. But, if the power returns before you do, you’ll never know if your fridge was running the whole time or not.

Have you heard of the ‘coin in a frozen cup water’ trick? This trick has been known for some quite time. But usually comes out during an annoucement of upcoming natural disaster.

All you need is a coin and cup of water. Put the water in the freezer until it’s frozen solid. Then take it out put a quarter on top of the ice. Return the cup with the coin and back to the freezer.

Once you return home, check if the coin is still on top. This means that electricity didn’t run out during the storm or since you left home. That makes you food safe to eat.

However, if the quarter has sunk to the bottom. This means that electricity was out for quite some time and you must probably empty your fridge. To avoid food poisoning with spoiled food.

Meanwhile, if the coin is somewhere in the middle. You may be safe, but the freshness of your fridge contents is uncertain.

Ideally speaking, we want the coin to be exactly where you left it. Which is on top, because it means your freezer’s contents stayed frozen the entire time.

It is important to stay safe during and after the calamity. Store more foods that aren’t easily spoiled. So it could last for quite a long time.

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