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Photographer made an ordinary wedding photoshoot extra special goes viral



Apart from extravagant wedding reception, a lot of couples invests in high quality photography. That’s why they hire professional photographer to capture every moment during and after the wedding ceremony.

But be reminded that good marriage is all that matters, not just the wedding. A simple yet budget friendly wedding is pratical for those who do not have the luxury to have a grand wedding. It is better to go within your means than to start you married life with huge debts just please the guests.

Recently, series of wedding photos becomes viral because of its magnificient photographer. Michael See Apeles, the wedding photographer. Captures the stunning ‘ordinary’ moments of this couple. From the wedding ceremony, to behind the scenes.

According to Apeles, he believes it’s up to the photographer as to how he will make the magic happens. Regardless on the venue, a good photographer will find the beauty in everything he sees. A photographer works with angles, timing and ideas.

The wedding of Mr. Gilbert Ynclino and Fely Joy Ynclino is a challenge for Apeles as a photographer. The venue is a house reception, so he decided to work on his craft on the same place.

Following the traditional wedding photos: from bride’s shoes, groom’s watch, wedding rings and behind the scenes.

As a photographer. he always looks forward to client’s appreciation of his work. Hoping they would love the photos plus to show the beauty of their home in Tumana.

Because of his work, Apeles clearly made a statement when it comes to photography. Wedding photos doesn’t always need to be glamorous and expensive. It’s the memories that truly counts.

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