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Must See: The Cleanest Public Wet Market in the Philippines



Wet public markets have a reputation of being dirty and stinky. It’s understandable since it holds various products such as poultry, fish, vegetables, fruits and spices.

Often times, all markets are perceive to be generally untidy and unsanitary. That’s why most people prefer to go in private marketplace because it’s clean and probably safer.

However, a lot of Filipinos still choose to buy in local wet market because of the cheap and negotiable prices. Plus the wide selection of products.

One wet market stands out in Bukidnon due to it’s one-of-a-kind cleanliness. This market have not just the traditional concrete floors. They have tiled floors instead!

Kyle ‘Kulas’ Jennerman, also known as Becoming Filipino. Post series of pictures of this great local market. To prove that the market is indeed clean enough, Jennerman lie on the floor without hesitation.

The public market was featured in a series of photos share by TV Patrol Southern Mindanao as well.

This is Maramag Public Market now dub as the ‘Cleanest Wet Market in the Philippines’. The market is a complete opposite of the usual public market where fish and meat are sold.

Apart from clean aisles and organized stalls, restrooms are also clean and spacious toilets.

Tables and chairs are also provided in this public market food court. You might think you’re in a mall’s food court because of it’s cleanliness.

All public markets should use Maramag as a model for all public markets in the Philippines. If the people of Maramag can do it I’m sure the rest of the public market vendors all throughout the Philippines can do it.

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