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Photo of family eating in restaurant while maid just watched, earns criticism



In most households, maids and helpers don’t eat with their employers. Even so, they don’t even eat the same food.

When going out, maids are allow to order the cheapest food available. Worst, they are provided leftovers food.

One family in Malaysia are eating delicious meal in restaurant. However, a nearby customer got angry upon seeing their family maid or helper is just watching while they eat.

Feeling the social injustice, a Tweeter user share the picture of the family of three enjoying their meal while their domestic worker just sat there and watched them. In his deleted tweet, he stated:

The netizen, who claims to be a ‘legal counsel for a Fortune 500 company’ slam the family for their unkind action.

The tweet quickly become viral and reach more than 12k retweets. The family involve in the photo soon realize they are famous in social media world.

Lin, the daughter of the family in the picture told her side of the story through a friend, Meera Samanther. According to her tweet, Lin contacted her after she saw the tweet accusing her family of refusing to let their domestic worker join them for a meal.

The domestic worker, named Melissa (not her real name) has been working with the family for over 10 years. The real story was, Lin and Melissa were out running errands for the day before meeting up with the parents. They then decided to head over to a restaurant since her parents hadn’t eaten.

The viral post surely hurt the family’s feelings. They have actually ask Melissa if she wants to eat but she decline the offer.

@v_vivekkk later apologe to the family. He’s just only trying to point out that the practice of eating out and not including your housemaid in ordering food is something that is done by many, and should be stop!

Social media really brings the best and worst in everyone. Be responsible with your actions and think before posting anything on social media.

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