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Mans buys $24 worth of ‘ukay ukay’ bundle, finds more than $4,000 cash inside



Buying pre-loved clothes saves a lot of money. Aside from that, people love thrift shopping because you’ll never know what you’re going to find in the store.

Recently, one lucky guy hit the jackpot after buying a bundle of ukay ukay for a very cheap price. He found a wallet in a coat containing two stacks of Japanese yen.

The lucky man is 29-year-old Wan Mohamad Adam Wan Mohamed who’s planning to run his own thrift store in the near future in Kampung Tualang Salak, Kelantan in Malaysia.

According to his interview, he went to a warehouse on Saturday (13 January) and bought two big bags of used clothes for $24.

When he got to his shop, Wan open one of the bags to check the clothes and that’s when he found a black wallet in a coat. And it was filled with cash!

“I was shock to see so much cash in it and after counting the money, I took some pictures and uploaded it on Facebook at 9.20pm. I’ve changed 450,000 yen into local currency (approx. RM16,800) and the rest will be keep as a memory. I will use the money to expand my business in the future,” Wan said.

He couldn’t find any details of the owner despite looking through the wallet and the coat.

Many netizens are quite envious with Wan’s post. It earns a lot of attention, showing interest in buying the wallet and coat. But Wan refuse to sell them.

However, one particular individual’s request stood out from the crowd, and he’s the Mufti of Kelantan. Datuk Mohamad Shukri Mohamad had ask Wan to hand over the money to Baitulmal to be use for the well-being of the public.

“If the money has an owner, then you should find the owner first. But if you fail to locate the owner, then you should hand it over to Baitulmal. It doesn’t matter which country the money is from, it is still missing money without an owner. Those who find the money should not use it because it doesn’t belong to them,” the Mufti said.

Now that the post become viral, some people are urging him to find the owner, especially because the money is too big. Maybe the owner is some old, forgetful guy who discard the shorts without realizing his entire life’s savings was inside

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