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Girl’s hairless pet dog becomes internet sensation because of its rare look



If you have watch the movie “Coco”, a hairless dog name ‘Dante’ gains popularity in U.S. And one dog with the same breed recently takes the internet by storm because of its rare look.

Sandra Pineda, a 22-year-old medical student from the Philippines, shared a picture of her Mexican Hairless Dog named Piper online on Thursday and was surprise to discover that it quickly earns thousands of likes in its first hour.

Piper is a Xoloitzcuintli, the breed’s name is tricky to spell, and even more challenging to pronounce. But don’t worry, you can just call them Xolo. And Xolos remains quite rare in most countries.

The face is thoughtful and intelligent, and a Xolo’s forehead will wrinkle when he’s deep in thought. The Xolo’s graceful, elegant body is surprisingly strong and rugged.

Netizens who are unfamiliar with the breed asks the same question in the comment section: “Is Piper a real dog or a statue?”

Meanwhile, Pineda brought Piper home last March when she was only two-months-old, finds the online reaction adorable.

“It was so funny to see all these compliments coming through of people thinking Piper was a statue,” Pineda was quoted by LadBible. “They were all really confused and asking me whether she was real or not.”

According to Pineda, Piper gets her shiny coat from the virgin coconut oil she gets slathered with after showers.

Pineda lamented that despite Piper’s apparent online fame, there are still a lot of people who don’t prefer her unusual look.

“Some people don’t see Piper’s beauty or her regal look which baffles me because I think she’s gorgeous,” Pineda noted.

“I think people should give Piper, and all Xolos and other hairless dogs a chance, because they’re really the sweetest and funniest pups you will ever meet.”

Piper shares an Instagram account (@pipernriley) with Riley, a Boston Terrier which Pineda also owns.

Watch the video here:

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