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Customer emails URC about burnt ‘Roller Coaster’ chip piece, receives box of treats



Part of every business is to receive feedback and series of complaints. They have different ways of dealing with customer services issues. One company receives enormous praise from netizen for handling a complaint.

While eating a bag of ‘Roller Coaster’ chips, Jezra Deniega Dometita notice there’s a burnt piece inside. While most of us would have just discard that piece, Jerza seems to be in the mood to complain about it.

Jezra decide to send an email to Universal Robina Corporation regarding the burnt piece. He took a photo of the bag of chips with the burnt piece inside. Perhaps not expecting any response from them.

“Bakit po may tutong sa Roller Coaster ko?” Jezra wrote in email addressed to URC.

Amazingly, a representative from URC message him back. They apologize for the inconvenience this may have cause him. They ask for his address to best assist him with the concern.

We all know that most company will response the same thing. But on January 9, 2019, almost a monthafter he sent a complaint. Jezra receive a package from URC.

URC just sent him a box filled with various goodies! Chips and packs of biscuits are inside the box.

He’s very impressed on how URC pacify his little concern. Therefore, he couldn’t help but share this wonderful experience. Thanking the generosity of the company.

A lot of netizens expressed their amusement as well while some shares they also found burnt chips in past products but just disregard it instead.

If only they know how awesome URC customer service is, these netizens would have also email the company about it.

It’s a case to case basis. If you feel the need to complain, then do it. Who knows you receive the same response like URC. But if it’s not a big of deal, then forget it and move on.

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