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Jasmine Curtis-Smith flaunts her bikini body on social media



Jasmine Curtis-Smith is a Fil-Aussie actress, dancer, endorser, writer, and TV host best known internationally for her critically acclaimed performance in Hannah Espia’s 2013 film Transit, and in the Philippines as the younger sister of fellow actress Anne Curtis.

She made headlines back in 2017 due to social media attention she received about after losing a noticeable amount of weight. She was hated on, ridiculed, and scrutinized.

But it didn’t stop her from loving her own body and even flaunting it to the world.

Recently, Jasmine welcomed 2019 with a bang by showing off her bikini body. She confidently flaunted her sexy body which earned various reactions from the netizens.

Even her famous sister can’t help but react on her sexy picture.

This is not the first time Jasmine shook the social media world with her sexy photos.

September of last year, she also took a bikini photo in a bathtub in Bali, Indonesia for a promotional campaign for a haircare brand.

The award-winning actress understands that not many people may know about eating disorders.

In an interview with GMA’s Balitanghali, warned people to be more cautious of their words. “For me, I personally know people who struggled with anorexia, so I hope people know to be more careful before they speak.” Instead of lashing out, Jasmine made the conscious decision to educate them about eating disorders.

Despite of all the haters and body-shaming, Jasmine stays positive and happy. She is much stronger now because she has faced the haters head-on with nothing but positivity and love. There’s only more happiness up ahead for this young star.

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