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OFW expresses disappointment to people whose ungrateful for their ‘pasalubong’



“Uy, pasalubong ah!” we hear this phrase a lot every time you decided to home from overseas. The most common misconception is that OFWs are rich people since they earn more than your average local job. While the earnings may indeed be bigger, it doesn’t take from the fact you are also supporting your family. The main reason why you’re working abroad is because you need to provide your family a better life, and that is never easy.

It’s natural for you to bring home a few “balikbayan” boxes, if not boxes, you would bring home cash, which would provide your family a much flexible choice on where to spend it. Yes, bringing home gifts is part of the whole process, and that would also add up to expenses.

One OFW took to social media to express something that probably the other 2.2 million OFWs would like to express as well. Raymond Lopez shared a Facebook post dedicated to all unappreciative relatives and friends of every OFW.

According to his post, the reason he went home to the Philippines is to spend time with his family and not to splurge his hard-earned money. He emphasized that they are back home for vacation and not to shower everyone with gifts since their salaries must go to their savings and investments, and they are never responsible to give their kabayans back home anything.

Raymond said that sometimes he is losing interest in sharing his blessing to some relatives and friends back home because whether he will give them “pasalubong” or not, the receiver will still have something to say.

He then challenged all unappreciative and ungrateful family and friends of every OFW to try working abroad so they will experience the same loneliness, sacrifices, and homesickness they feel whenever they are miles away to work.

Meanwhile, here’s some reaction from the netizens who can relate to his sentiments.

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