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Maltreated OFW seeks help through social media, gets healthy dose of reality



We’ve seen hundreds of videos showing crying OFW’sseeking for immediate assistance after experiencing maltreatment for their employers.

Recently, another OFW asked help through social media claiming she was maltreated by her employer. However, it turned out that she actually committed a grave mistake against her employer.

A netizen shared the full story of what happened to the OFW in Saudi Arabia through a Facebook post. Her caption read:

Several photos uploaded by a netizen showing photo sessions of the OFW inside her employer’s house. She mainly took pictures in the living room area many times already.

To add even more damage, the OFW shared the photos online for public viewing. Apparently, the house rule prohibited her to do such an act but she violated it.

The OFW wore clothes that did not fully cover up her body.We all know that the conservative foreign country is strict about women’s clothing. Unfortunately, her employer eventually discovered what had happened. Due to her mistake, the fierce employer locked her up and allegedly choked her.

Since the OFW, broke some sacred rules, we could only hope that she will be eventually forgiven and freed. After all, she already paid for her mistake and she surely learned her lesson.

Watch the video here:

Meanwhile, the netizens expressed their disappointment over what this OFW did.

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