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Filipina Secretary Of An Agency Sauteed A Kabayan’s Cellphone And Ordered Employers To Lock The Woman, Definitely Angers Netizens



Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) is a term often used to refer to Filipino migrant workers, people with Filipino citizenship who resides in another country for a limited period for employment.

Filipinos working and living abroad are expected to look after each other’s back. However, there are still horror stories when fellow Filipinos are sometimes the one who tends to drag another kabayan down. Possibly due to “crab mentality”. Sad but, oftentimes true.

A video posted by a Facebook netizen, Elvie Bornales has gone viral showing an angered woman. The woman is identified as Miztah Red who can be heard in the video and she is a secretary of the agency where Shiela, the victim, applied to. The angry woman can be seen making a video message for Shiela whom she is irrited to. As stated in the video, Shiela has been spreading rumors about her which reached her family and friends.

The woman boasts about having luxurious cellphones mentioning Apple iPhone and Samsung Edge. She confiscated Shiela’s Oppo android phone, and was able to put the phone in a pan full of water and sauteed tomato.

The woman then adds that she will submit it to a so-called “madam,” probably their boss in the agency while threatening Shiela.

Bornales claims that Shiela just loaned the phone so that she can contact her family way back in the Philippines. Furthermore, Miztah is said to have ordered Shiela’s employer that if the latter committed a mistake, just lock the woman up and that agency is no longer responsible for her.

The uploader of the video is really furious at the thought that a fellow OFW is the one putting down a Kabayan when all they need is to support and help each other. She is also infuriated as to why such a woman is holding the Filipina helper’s cellular phone.

Netizens are indeed heated with anger upon seeing the post and the video. It has been shared by thousands hoping to reach Raffy Tulfo to give Shiela justice. There were hurtful comments pertaining to Miztah Red as well.

Watch the video below:

What can you say about this incident? Share your thoughts in the comment section below. Spread the news so that it can reach our authorities.

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