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Ninang rants over shameless ‘kumare’ who asks gifts for her godchild’s upcoming birthday



Having a ninong (godfather) and ninang (godmother) during a christening of a child is one of the Filipino traditions.

In fact, this tradition was further adopted in evangelical block during child dedication. Some people get ninong and ninang because of friendship, some because of popularity, and some by affinity.

However, some people without understanding the meaning and roles of ninong and ninang, they get them so that their children will have lots of gifts every Christmas or even birthdays.

Recently, a ninang took to social media to sarcastically express how she already feels the upcoming Christmas season after one of her “kumares” blatantly asked gift for her godchild’s upcoming birthday celebration.

In fact, her kumare was not just asking for a simple gift but imposing the ninang to be in charge of buying a birthday cake and large balloons. The anonymous ninang shared some screenshots of their conversation.

At first, the kumare assigned her to buy a two layered cake and at least two dozen balloons. She explained that since it will be her child’s second birthday, it would be nice to associate the number 2 in every detail of the celebration.

Apparently, the kumare already “ran out of budget” that’s why she is asking the ninang to take part in the celebration expenses. The ninang first politely declined her kumare’s demands but things escalated quickly when the kumare said:

“Sige i-advance mo na lang papasko mo sa kaniya. Kahit saradong 4K ok na ‘yun, kahit ‘yun na lang papasko mo.”

When the ninang shifted her approach and confronted her friend, the kumare got irritated and even threatened her to be remove as her child’s godmother because she’s ‘kuripot’.

It’s very rude to appoint a ninang or ninong over something. Initially, it’s not their responsibility to take over or shoulder some of the expenses for their god child.

While getting a ninong or ninang is not bad at all, it should be clear that is just but a tradition and a fulfillment of a legal paper. The most important thing that you can do if you are a ninong and ninang is to give lessons on lifelong moral values and about God.

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