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From “Titibo-Tibo” to Jaw-Dropping Transformation of JM Viray Calbonilla



Living in the Philippines, regarded as one of the most conservative country in ASIA, we were raised to be believe that same gender attraction or relationship would be a step to branded as sinners or for some immoral. Even the members of the LGBT community was not spared, being viewed as “SALOT” or cursed ones.

However, there are some chances or instances that that someone’s choice of orientation is being treated like a celebrity. Introducing, JM Viray Calbonilla, a self proclaimed lesbian who eventually shed out of her cocoon and revealed herself as a beautiful butterfly. JM even shared her remarkable transformation all over SocMed.

At first, JM was initially attracted to girl. Supporting that idea, JM wore men’s clothes. From baggy shorts to short hair. She even had girlfriends along the way. But during her way to discovering herself, JM realized that she was cut for something, something beautiful and meaningful.

Upon checking her Facebook account, she surprised her online friends and followers on the 1st of January where she boastfully showed her new look. Now supporting a none boyish look, JM showed here beautiful metamorphosis using caption of 1/365 at the start of the year by accepting who she really is. Talk about a long awaited confession.

A lot of her friends were left surprised with her out of nowhere change, a lot of people truly praised her for being herself. Even pointing out how pretty and stunning she is after accepting who she was, a lovely stunner.

From the Facebook page “Pinoy Tambayan Ko”, they made an effort to make a short video showing her unique transformation over the past year. Accompanied by Moira dela Torre’s Hit “Titibo-tibo”, JM has just show that she really belongs to beauties of the Philippines and now gaining a lot of online attention.

As what a famous tag line from a shoe brand once use “Nothing is impossible”. Kudos JM! Meanwhile, here’s some of the netizens comment about her amazing transformation.

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