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Chubby Lady Gets the Best ‘Revenge’ With Her Fitness Transformation



Dieting is one of the hardest thing to commit. A teacher who was dubbed the ‘fat friend’ as a bullied schoolgirl has revealed her astonishing transformation after dropping nine stone – and told how the boys who used to tease her at school are now lining up to ask her out.

It was during a holiday trip with her friends from her university that everything struck Jobson. During the vacay, she had to wear a bikini amongst the much fitter girls and didn’t like what she saw. Jobson, who at the time already accepted her fitness situation, then signed herself up for the gym, pronto.

More than anything, Jobson said that it was her diet plan, which is pretty much intermittent fasting, that played the biggest role in her project fit body. With the help of her supportive mom, she followed a curfew banning her to eat anything past 6 p.m.

Elizabeth Jobson, 23 from Durham, says she was mercilessly bullied throughout her childhood and describes her time at secondary school as ‘absolutely awful’.

She said she used to hide stashes of crisps and chocolates in her bedroom to eat in secret, with her weight eventually rocketing to 20.5st.

Talking with LAD Bible, Jobson said that part of the process was cutting a few, toxic people from her life. After she lost all the excess weight, most of her gals from secondary school began to drift apart. Now wiser than ever, she confessed:

“I think they must have liked me for being the fat friend that was just there. I was the token fat friend in the group.”

Though she still has her fair share of insecurities, Jobson couldn’t be any happier with what she’s achieved in the past year.

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