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After 7 months Woman gets lost phone back with help from stranger



After 7 months Woman gets lost phone back with help from stranger

Losing something, valuable or not, inside any one of Manila’s modes of public transportation usually means it’s a goner.

So just imagine this woman’s shock when she got her phone back with the help of a stranger, seven months after losing it.

On Monday, Facebook user Cha Buenconsejo posted how she did the “sketchiest thing” and met up with a complete stranger who texted her on Sunday that he had found her lost iPhone 6s, which had been missing for seven months.

She thought it might be a modus but took the chance and decided to meet with the guy outside a drug store at 9am in Kamuning, Quezon City.

She said in the post that the random phone number texted her two days ago and said that he found the phone while aboard a bus heading to Fairview in Quezon City last week.

“Obviously it’s insane because I lost my phone 7 MONTHS AGO,” she reiterated on Facebook.

Buenconsejo told Coconuts Manila that she had lost her phone on January 3 specifically, which she recalls she left in an Uber.

“Did what anyone would [and] turned on [the] lost mode on Find My iPhone with the message to contact my phone number if anyone picked it up,” she added.

To her shock, the stranger was even apologizing over text messages for not getting back to her sooner, adding that he had to buy a fake charger to make the iPhone work so he could find out who it belonged to.

Buenconsejo said that the moment she saw him, “I knew he was a good fella.” She told Coconuts Manila that the man came all the way from the province of Bulacan to give the phone and the newly-bought charger to her.

“It’s hard to earn a living now, take care of your stuff, your phone looks expensive,” the she recalled the man saying to her in Filipino.

She said in the Facebook post that the man even refused a cash reward, so she gave him money for his commute back to Bulacan. Buenconsejo also told him to keep the charger for himself and to sell it instead.

Buenconsejo said that she was quite baffled by the whole incident, saying she “still didn’t understand what actually happened in those 7 months.”

Nonetheless, nothing definitely compares to knowing that there is still some good in the world. “The joy of getting my phone back after missing [it] for 7 months pales in comparison to the comfort of knowing there are still good hearted people out there,” she wrote.

“Here’s a picture of humanity being restored,” she added in the post which has gone viral with over 13,000 likes and 4,700 shares in just one day.

Netizens shared their thoughts on the heartwarming incident, with one hoping that the man receives more blessings and happiness in life.

Mariel Habijan wrote in a mix of English and Filipino: “This is so beautiful. Never happened to me. I wish Manong (Sir) moooorrreeee blessings and happiness ?”

Madel Blanco shared that he was “such a good man!”

Jinky Rhose Perez – Lazaro hoped there would be more people like him.

One quipped at Buenconsejo’s ending statement in the post which said that a man who wears Crocs is a good man.

Jhom Boneo tagged a friend, saying: “Not all heroes wear capes, [some wear] but (sic) Crocs.”

As of this writing, the Facebook post already gained 112K reactions, 9.9K comments and 37K shares.

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